Apprentice love: Carlotta Quast

Posted by Admin in th-ink on 08 31st, 2020

When we first saw Carlotta Quast’s patternwork when scrolling through Instagram we were blown away by her immense talent! Once we learnt she was an apprenticeship we knew we had to know…

I started my apprenticeship in September 2018 at Sorry Mom Tattoo Studio in Brunswick, Germany. I’d just quit studying architecture and the shop owners, whom I already knew through my partner Nick, who’s also a tattooer at the shop, asked if I could help out around the shop a couple of days a week. Whilst doing that I started to really get into books dealing with ethnic, tribal and ornamental tattooing styles.A few months later they offered me an apprenticeship.

I’ve always been drawn to tattoos, and I wanted to be heavily tattooed since I was about 14 years old. I managed to wait and I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was a fairly typical first tattoo – I got a word on my ribs.

Luckily the tattooer who did it, who happens to be my partner today, introduced me to American traditional tattooing which is the style most of my tattoos are in today. My favourite tattoo is probably the sacred heart on my shin. 

At the moment I pretty much just do ornamental tattoos. It’s definitely the drawing style that I connect with most. My drawings have more of an architectural mathematical approach. My absolute favourite tattoo style today is different types of tribal. I hope that one day I will have done enough research to feel comfortable enough to offer tribal mix tattoos as well.

The best part of my apprenticeship is the progress I see when I look back. I’ve already come a long way dealing with the feeling of not being good enough and impostor syndrome. But I’m glad I’ve stuck with it and always had such supportive people around me.

Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! – August 29, 2020

Posted by Admin in reddit on 08 29th, 2020

It's question time!

Part of our subreddit's recent transformation includes a new weekly discussion thread! Ask any question you'd like, and people from our community will give you their most honest opinions/answers. Please remember that most usual rules apply.

Important rules:

  • No aftercare/medical questions/advice

  • No pricing questions/advice

  • Please be kind to your fellow tattoo-lovers, and follow reddiquette

Some examples of things to ask the community about:

  • Tattoo placement

  • Skin tone

  • Tattoo subject/style/design

  • Recommended tattoo artists in your area

  • Pain

  • Anything else you'd like!

If you're asking about your tattoo, please provide an image of the stencil or final tattoo, rather than elaborately describing it in a paragraph. Also, remember that unless a user has a verified flair, their advice may not be coming from a history of tattooing.

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