Through the Soul

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 30th, 2019
Through the Soul

Through the Soul by Walter Montero, an artist based in Paderborn, Germany.

Octopus Hip

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 28th, 2019
Octopus on woman's hip

Octopus side tattoo by Thomas, an artist at DHT in Grenoble, France.

Eagle & Broken Clock Face

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 28th, 2019
Eagle Head & Broken Clock Face

Eagle & Broken Clock Face by Duran, artist and owner at Duran Tattoo Studio in Girona, Spain.

Snake and Rainbow Peonies

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 27th, 2019
Snake and Rainbow Peonies

Snake and Rainbow Peonies hip tattoo by Deborah Genchi, artist and owner at Debrart Tattoos in Bari, Italy.

Gambling Tattoo

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 23rd, 2019
Gambling Gangster sleeve

Gambling tattoo by Júlio Loureiro, an artist at Quarto Mundo Tattoo Studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ornamental Neck Tattoo

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 21st, 2019
Pretty mandala neck tattoo

Ornamental mandala neck tattoo by Sam Carter, artist and owner of El Vardo Tattoo in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Icebergs by Elvira Garcia

Posted by Admin in th-ink on 12 21st, 2019

Tattoo artist Elvira Garcia works at Hive Tattoo Art Gallery in Milan creating stunning iceberg inspired tattoos, here she tells us the story behind them…

Elvira Garcia4

I have been tattooing for 4 years. I started when I was 20, now I’m 24. I became a tattooist because I love to draw, I’ve been drawing since I was three years old. It’s my passion and my life, everyday I need to draw something.

I remember when I was seven I would love to paint the skin of my friends at school with coloured markers. that’s where it started later when I was studying fine art in university my friends encouraged me to start tattooing and so I did. 

My style is a mix between blackwork and sometimes black and grey. I normally use black because I like how it lasts in different kinds of skin. 

Elvira Garcia1

When I was a kid my father told me that inside our mind we have two things: conscious and subconscious. What we know about us, the conscious part is very small, and on the surface, instead our subconscious is deep inside us, under water, like a deep sea of things, emotions, forgotten experiences that never disappear completely.

The iceberg represents that: our love, our fears, our happiness, our depressions, what we have lived, our influences.

 Elvira Garcia

I’ve always drawn iceberg flash to show some of my ideas. To show how the design can look with the iceberg with a subject inside, but they can be also custom. I love to tattoo icebergs and anything related with nature including; animals, flowers, plants, woman and space.

Elvira Garcia2

I normally like to do guest spots because they are easy to organise, you have everything you need in the studio and I tend to work better My next guest spots will be in Munich, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Zürich and London in 2020. I’ll be posting details on my Instagram so follow me on there for updates.

Geometric Elephant & Cherry Blossom

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 20th, 2019
Geometric Elephant & Cherry Blossom

Geometric elephant & cherry blossom by Rob Green, an artist at Bang Bang, NYC.

Trust No One

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 19th, 2019
Trust No One

Trust No One by Amanda Piejak, an artist based in Warsaw, Poland.

Egyptian Full Back

Posted by Admin in tattoo ideas on 12 17th, 2019
Egyptian back close-up

Egyptian full back piece with Tutankhamun’s death mask, Anubis & pyramids. Tattoo by Pit Fun tattoos, an artist based in Penang, Malaysia.


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