tattoo mistakes

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tattoo mistakes

Tattoos are perhaps one of the most fashionable ways to get your style statement done permanently. After all, a tattoo, like a diamond is forever. In such a scenario, it is of the utmost importance that you take the greatest care that you do not commit a blunder as to getting your tattoo done. It is within the scope of this article to explore the tattoo designs that should be best avoided. After all, just because something can be done doesn’t mean that you should be doing it.

Anything that is larger than your own size

Tattoos that overwhelm your entire body is just not the perfect way to make a statement. One just can’t have the entire Sistine Chapel painted on his back just to prove that one is a devout follower. Tattoos that are overly large in dimensions should best be avoided. Small is so much sweeter.


Do Not Attempt To Do Something Permanent which is Not

Objects which do not have any permanence as such in your life should not be crafted for eternity in ink. This is best said of relations and boyfriends or girlfriends names, or even spouses. After all, such entities are just not permanent, or rather absolute. Therefore, just for the sake of having to undergo surgery later on in case of such a mishap that your relation doesn’t last, stray way from that path.

No Tattooing on Controversies

It is good that you want to express a say in the matter of issues that are controversial and are elemental in turning the rudder of society in years to come. However, such designs as express your support for topics like transexuality and so on should not be attempted. Use your mouth to do that, not your body, it can be put to better use.

Tattoos and Trends Do Not Mix

Just because everyone is painting a certain tattoo, doesn’t mean that you have to do it too. Rather, it is best that you do not do that too. This is because tattoo trends usually wane away within the time span of a few months. Therefore, after a few months, it will be called rather unoriginal and fake. Therefore, just avoid that as much as you can.


Face?? No No!!

When people look at you they want to get a look at your face and not your tattoo. Tattoos in the face, no matter what the design is a complete no no, it is just not worth it.

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ramsey tattoo

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ramsey tattoo

Life can take you from nowhere to everywhere in a split matter of seconds, truly speaking. No matter whoever you are and wherever you are, if life decides to take you to the top there is no stopping it, all you have to do is lend a hand here and there, and the rest is cakewalk.

Charles Ramsey, a commoner, living in the ordinary area of Cleveland, suddenly found himself shooting to success and stardom, in what can be called a lucky turn of events. Of course he did lend his hand, and life suddenly took him from nothing to everything, just in a matter of a few hours.


Charles Ramsey was the savior of a few women, who had been kidnapped and held captive for over a decade now. Quite funnily, he was living right next to the house where they had been held. He admitted to hearing a few screams from the next house, and he quickly decided to go and explore what the problem was, and he knocked down the front door of the next door house, and then found out, to his utter surprise, what the matter was. The rest was done by the police whom they very hurriedly called and reported the entire incident. Charles Ramsey, in what can be called a freak act of life, has shot to fame and stardom overnight. He is currently the rich owner of a contract which allows him to get free food at any McDonald’s store, due to his mentioning on national TV that at the time when he heard the screaming, he was having a McDonald’s burger.

However, of all the interesting developments, this one is the weirdest. Rodney Rose, who also lives in Cleveland, decided to pay homage to the savior, and roped in a friend of his, whom he tattooed with a face of Charles Ramsey on his calf muscle of all places. This may seem very touching at the onset,. After all, he has become a national hero, if not anything else, so getting his face done in ink on a permanent basis is quite a big homage to him. However, when you think of it, there are so many national heroes all over the place, but you are not going to get all their faces done right?? This is just a passing trend and as such is a really dumb idea.

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overrated celebrity tattoos

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overrated celebrity tattoos

Celebrities and tattoos almost go hand in hand, with more and more the outrageousness quotient of the celebrity himself or herself, more is the outrageousness of the tattoo. O)f course, all this is good for a few days or so, but there is a point of time after which the comprehensive faculties of the human body just get saturated and it is at that point, when everything seems overrated. Here are some celebrity tattoos, which over the years has been so much in the limelight, that we just flinch, even at the sight of them.

The first and foremost is that of Angelina Jolie. Yes, there are meanings to each and every tattoo of hers, admitted. However, it is quite painful when a person forgets the basic difference between a sketchboard and a piece of skin. It may be her body, but it is the audience poor, which has to bear the sight of her whole body painted in black with incomprehensible gibberish.


Eminem is also a celebrity., who has got quite the attention for his tattoos. His famous tattoo of his daughter is quite worth the mention in this case. It is obvious that his reason to get his tattoo done is novel, and it is honorable at all times. However, there is appoint of time till which anything can be borne out. After a certain point of time, it just tends to become as an old joke. Moreover, that is not the only tattoo on his body, so it has become a daily affair, as is the case.

David Beckham is one of the celebrities, who has dedicated his body to the tattoo artists. His whole body is a portrait of several experiences of his life, right from his wife to his three sons. However, is such is the case that he gets a tattoo for every son of his, it is old news by now that as soon as he gets a son, he gets a tattoo too.


Megan Fox may not have a whole canvas to herself, but nevertheless, her two tattoos does somehow or the other speak out of a schoolgirl’s IQ. Of course, she is a celebrity, so people do tend to forget and forgive.

Lastly to make it to this list is One Direction member, Harry Styles. A few days later there will not be any space left on his body to get something new done. And what is all the hue and cry over that butterfly tattoo???

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lady gaga role in machete kills

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lady gaga role in machete kills

Some people do seem to have all the luck that anyone could possibly have. This is oh! So true about celebrities, they just seem to be born with an angel’s hand over their head. The preceding two statements have been said over the recent feat of the outrageously famous pop star, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, as we all know, most of the times that she has been on TV is due to her ridiculous fashion sense. Right from cotton to metal to meat, the word is that she has not left any fabric for herself to wear. However, surprisingly this time, she is not in the news for her astonishing fashion sense, nor is it anything related to her singing and music career. Quite the contrary, this time around she is in the news for her lucky break at movies, due to a chance encounter, if you could say that, with the actor of the firm in, of all places, a tattoo parlour.


Lady Gaga had gone, allegedly, to Shamrock Tattoo Club in Los Angeles, Quite luckily for her, Danny Trejo, the actor of the film, Machete Kills, was in the parlour at that time, getting himself tattooed. Gaga quietly took the opportunity to tell him about her wish to act in the film. That was all; all Danny Trejo did after that was call the movie authorities, and by the time he returned to the sets, Gaga had already been roped into the whole process.

The film is actually a sequel to the first part, which is named simply Machete. Even though the first film was not critically acclaimed, Gaga hopes that the second may be a breaking point for both the franchisee and herself.

Lady Gaga

Gaga, like so many pop stars, who decide at one point of their lives, that they want to do something even bigger than music, which at the current time is the world of movies and films, has decided the same. It is no wonder what she will do when in front of a camera, but it is the earnest hope of all movie-philes that she will have a sensible fashion director out on the sets for her. We have already seen what she is capable of, if she gets one more like her, let’s not think what the outcome would be. The best thing is to just wish her luck and fortune for her new turn in life.

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Why tribal tattoo designs are so popular

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Why tribal tattoo designs are so popular

Drawing tattoos on your body is not a modern art although the means of drawing it in the present time is very modern because of the involvement of electronic machines and modern inks. Many tribes all around the world have been practicing this tattoo art for thousands of years. Lately, because of the tremendous progress of communication technology all over the world, the tribal art came to focus and have become the newest trend among the tattoo enthusiasts.


Early meanings of tribal tattoo

In the past, different tribes used tattoos to signify different meanings and it varied from one tribe to another. Some tribes used to draw tattoos on their body to represent their religious beliefs while some used it to represent their rank or status in their clan. It was also used to symbolize different talisman, charms, strength, achievements and was even used to keep away the evil spirits. Many tribal warriors used to wear tattoos as a mark of their bravery in the wars they fought and defeated their rivals. Some of the common tribal tattoo designs are derived from the arts of popular tribes like Maori, Native American tribes, Samoa, Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Hawaiian, Eskimo, Celtic and many more.

Appearance of tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoo designs are usually very striking and prominent in their appearance. They send a message of beauty and strength at the same time. Since most of the tribal tattoo designs are drawn mainly with black ink, so this form of art becomes quite eye-catching on your body. This art looks very symmetrical and it mainly features strong angles, bold strokes or gentle curves presented by strikingly sharp or thick lines. Some tribal tattoos can be seen simply as a series of some lines or strokes forming a particular shape or a visible symbol. In some cases, the look of tribal art can vary from person to person as it has a peculiar effect on each person’s visual perspective. Moreover, some tribal tattoo designs are so extensive that they may even take weeks to complete.


Common areas to display your tribal tattoos

The shoulder and the biceps are the most common areas for displaying your love for tribal tattoo designs as strong muscles develop prominently in these two areas. However, many people also prefer to get tribal art tattoos on their back, calf and chest to symbolize different meanings depending on their opinions and also to pay tribute to this ancient art form which is mainly derived from the tribal cultures of the world.

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The beauty and symbolic meanings of butterfly tattoos

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The beauty and symbolic meanings of butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women not only because of their captivating beauty but also because of the symbolic meaning. The gradual transformation of butterfly from an unattractive caterpillar to a beautiful flying creature is highly inspirational and so most women choose butterfly tattoos for representing their own transformation from a girl to a woman.

Moreover, many people see butterfly as a symbol of spiritual freedom because butterfly too experiences a freedom when it emerges from its cocoon becoming beautiful and graceful. Besides its symbolic significance, butterfly tattoos are highly colorful. Since they can be drawn in any size, you can have them in any part of your body. Butterfly tattoos can also be combined with other flower designs to make it more feminine and attractive.

Historical significance of butterfly tattoos

In every culture, butterfly is associated with beauty and grace apparently because it is a very beautiful creature. In ancient Greek culture, it was believed that when a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, it signifies the birth of a new soul. In Ireland, butterflies were seen as the souls of dead people waiting to get through the purgatory stage and in Germany, butterfly symbolized resurrection. Moreover, in many Asians cultures, butterflies are still considered as a symbol of spiritual freedom and happiness.

Butterfly tattoos and their various types:


Monarch butterfly tattoos

Monarch butterfly is very colorful and popular for its migratory characters. It starts its migration from Canada and ends in Mexico; and to complete this journey, it takes more than three generations. It’s wandering nature and highly colorful appearance easily appeals to a lot of people as an attractive and symbolic butterfly tattoo.

Combination of butterfly and flower tattoos

Butterfly flying around flowers is a common scene in nature and hence, it is popular as a tattoo design. This tattoo design increases the size of your tattoo. By using contrasting colors on flowers and butterflies, you can make it look very attractive.

Tiger butterfly tattoo

Tiger butterflies are very similar to Monarch butterflies, but they are more colorful.


Butterfly fairy tattoo

This mythical combination of a fairy and a butterfly results in a captivatingly beautiful tattoo design.

Combination of butterflies and stars

Like flowers, drawing some stars around your butterfly is also a great way to make your tattoo larger and enhance its beauty.


Tribal art and butterfly tattoo designs

Tribal prints and tribal art has become very popular now and combining it with a butterfly tattoo design makes it even more unique and appealing.

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beckham tattoos

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beckham tattoos

People have tattoos done for certain reasons, if other people who do not have any tattoos are to believe that. However, football star, David Beckham has admittedly said that each of the number of his tattoos on his entire body does have a meaning. David Beckham has a total of 32, which is astonishing in itself, tattoos all over his body. From his back to the nape of his neck, there is not a region which has been left out.

David Beckham is almost a glutton for tattoos, for as soon as he finds a reason to get a tattoo, he does it. However, according to him each of his 32 tattoos signify something important or the other.



For example, he has the names of his three sons and four daughters, and according to him, they are his favorite. He has Brooklyn tattooed on the small of his back, which as his first tattoo. Apart from that, Romeo, Cruz and Harper have also followed. He has a tattoo of his wife, Victoria, a pictorial one on one of his wrists. This is surrounded by  a ring of roses, which is symbolic of his 10th anniversary. Apart from that, he has also tattooed “love you forever” and “till death do us part”. His most famous tattoo might be the one on his shoulder, which is that of Jesus and three cherubs. He speaks of it as being him, held and supported by his three sons.


Of course, one of the most famous ones is that of the name of his wife, Victoria, who is a singer turned fashion designer. This tattoo is done up in ink, written in the Hindi script. It symbolizes his undying love for his wife. Another one which is a Chinese saying is a philosophical, and reminds him of his purpose in life. He also has another Jesus tattoo,, which was done after the death of his grandfather, Joe West.

Beckham says that he regrets none of the 32 tattoos of his entire torso. He says that if they did not have any reason as such, he would surely regret them at a point of time but he says that they are a reminder of old memories and are a source of unending joy to him. The football star is currently living happily with his wife, and three sons and daughter. Obviously, should the occasion arise, he will get another tattoo.

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Top celeb tattoo designs you should adorn your persona with

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Top celeb tattoo designs you should adorn your persona with

Everything a celebrity does is fodder for news! And one thing that particularly sparks an interest about a celebrity is the tattoo he/she sports and its inner meaning. While some tattoos may be inappropriate or downright weird, some hog the limelight whenever the celebrities that sport them step out in public.

Here are some of the best celebrity tattoos that we have come across in recent times. Although there were a couple of really good choices, these top the list when it comes to design, creativity and overall feel.

Katie Price

What better way than showing the world that you are out of a relationship and are in no mood to rekindle it any time in the future than sporting a tattoo of your ex’s name with a large cross across it? That’s what Katie Price did the moment she called it quits with her husband Pete (aka Peter Andre).

The thought may have been a bit overdramatic. Nevertheless, you got to hand it to Katie for taking the decision (and having the guts) to show everyone that her relationship with Pete is ‘done and dusted’. She also has a crown tattoo with the word ‘Princess’ below it on her wrist (to symbolize her daughter). Overall, a cute combination we would say.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is quite the family oriented person and we love her choice of tattoos. Instead of opting for their names or portraits, Angelina preferred to ink the coordinates of the countries from where she adopted her children Pax, Maddox and Zahara. A very nice and creative gesture indeed!


Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham

The ‘Posh’ Spice girl might be pretty posh on the outside. But she sure is sentimental on the inside and loves her family dearly. She has a couple of really cute stars inscribed on her back, one for each member of the Beckham family, including herself. Really sentimental (and sweet) Victoria!

Heidi Klum

Heidi may have separated from Seal. But the couple used to renew their wedding vows each year and both of them got inked permanently on their 4th wedding anniversary. The tattoo Heidi sports on her right arm contains Seal’s name and the initials of their three children hidden in quaint little stars. Pretty stylish and deemed iconic, Heidi’s stunning tattoo had people rushing to the parlors to try out creative ways to show their love for their family.


Christina Applegate

Not many celebrities opt for ankle tattoos for fear of the latter not being noticed properly. However, Christina Applegate seems to be quite comfortable showing off some really stylish tattoos on her ankles.

She has a braided vine like tattoo on her left ankle and the word ‘Agape’ (meaning ‘unconditional love’) on her right ankle. Her right ankle also has flourish tattoo. All three tattoos together get their fair share of attention and look ‘out of the world’ when paired with a sexy pair of heels.

Nicole Richie

Out of all the tattoos Nicole Richie has on her body, the most popular one happens to be the ankle rosary tattoo which actually became quite a craze with people afterwards. Kind of gives us a subtle meaning that even though you can reach the skies, you still need to be tied to the ground in order to enjoy it all. Don’t you think the same?

Lindsay Lohan

Lilo’s life may be not be picture perfect right now, but the tattoo she sports above her right bum is! The tattoo reads ‘La Belle Vita’ which translates to ‘This Beautiful Life’ in English. It is also the name of Lilo’s single which unfortunately did nothing to help her popularity. Nevertheless, the artistic work done on the tattoo and its fortunate location makes it one of the best celebrity tattoos we have ever seen.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress Paris Hilton opted to shy away from the standard black ink tattoos and got a bright red butterfly tattoo on her back. Classy and quite stylish, the tattoo is a far cry from Paris’s otherwise poor sartorial choices at times.


Jeremy Shockey

Move over ladies! It’s not just you who can rock the tattoo look. Here are some leading male contenders for the ‘Best Celebrity Tattoos’ list as well.

Playing for the New Orleans Saints, Jeremy Shockey loves his country to no end and displays his patriotism with a giant eagle tattoo on his right bicep. Artistically done and very life like, the eagle comes into full view whenever Jeremy works his biceps. And that is something everyone loves to see!


Dwayne Johnson

You may not be able to make head or tail of the design on Dwayne Johnson’s shoulder. But once he explains the same, you get a feeling it was worth all the pain and effort. Reportedly, Johnson traveled all the way to Hawaii to get this Samoan design tattoo. And in his words, the artistic design means ‘strength, protection and loyalty to family’.


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All you need to know about Owl tattoo designs

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All you need to know about Owl tattoo designs

Getting owl tattoos has become very popular nowadays. You can easily infer the reason behind its popularity if you look at it closely. Owls have large forward facing eyes, obtrusive ears and many other distinctive features that make it highly detailed and visually striking. Besides its appearance, owls also have many other characteristics that greatly appeals to many people. This nocturnal creature has a solitary nature and is also a very clever hunter. Their innate agility and their ability to fly around without making even a faint noise not only make them a dangerous, aerial predator, but also exhibit their wisdom and grace. Therefore, in many cultures, they have a spiritual significance.

Meaning of owl tattoos

An owl tattoo can signify various meanings as it depicts different symbols in different cultures. In the past, this nocturnal creature was viewed as a symbol of wisdom and bad omens. So depending on the wearer’s point of view, it can portray different stories. Moreover, an owl tattoo can also be used to create awareness toward the fact that this species is quite rare and endangered now.


History of owl tattoos

In ancient Greece, owls were always associated with great wisdom and energy because of their ability to see in the dark, well-adapted large eyes, clever hunting skills and extremely acute hearing ability. On the other hand, the other parts of Europe considered this bird as a symbol of ill-omen. The Romans called it a funeral bird and believed that their hoot foretells death and destruction. However, in France, the eared owls were seen as good signs and the earless owls were associated with bad luck. Moreover, the Native Americans still believe that owls are evil and often associate this bird with dark powers.

Owl tattoos and its types

A tattoo artist will always show you different types of owl tattoos and you can select any one among them depending on what you want to portray. The following are some of the popular types of owl tattoos that you may find in the studio of any tattoo artists:

  • Traditional owl tattoos

This traditional owl tattoo depicts your willingness to gain knowledge and wisdom.


  • Cute Owl tattoo

It is regarded as feminine and is a popular choice among many girls.

  • Barn owl tattoo

This design is easily recognizable and is drawn with many details.


  • Flying owl tattoo

Suitable for chest and upper back area, the flying owl tattoo looks very striking.

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The worst NBA tattoos in the history of the game

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The worst NBA tattoos in the history of the game

With tattoos becoming increasingly easy (and fashionable) ways to express oneself, it does not come as a surprise to note that nearly every other individual out there sports some kind of tattoo or the other these days.

The trend (‘craze’ would be a better word) seems to have caught up with sporting athletes as well, including plenty of prominent NBA players, some of whom have been spotted with rather unconventional designs.

The beauty of a tattoo lies in its design and the way it expresses the wearer’s thoughts. However, we have no idea what these NBA athletes had in mind when they decided to get their bodies inked. One look at these bizarre tattoos will be enough to give you second thoughts about visiting a tattoo parlor ever again.

Panther Tattoo: Deron Williams

The first rule of a tattoo is a clear design which the artist who inked Williams apparently failed to understand. What else could explain the dark blob on Williams arm? Revealed to be a panther (that’s what Williams keeps telling everybody), the tattoo does not even remotely resemble one and can be easily mistaken for a giant sized rat.

And that’s what it looks like up close. Move a bit further away and all you can see is a big mess, screaming for attention for all the wrong reasons! Clearly one of the worst tattoos ever in the history of the NBA!


World of Warcraft Tattoo:Andrei Kirilenkos

Alright! Some tattoos are pleasant to look at. And then there are some that look downright ghastly. The extremely descriptive tattoo on Kirilenkos’ back easily falls into the second category.

For starters, it is extremely creepy to look at. And even though we are huge fans of the game, we don’t quite want to see someone with a tattoo that looks like his skin and flesh have been ripped out (that’s what it actually looks like).

Family Tree Tattoo: Mike Bibby

The hardest tattoos are the ones that resemble human portraits. And though we love Bibby for being quite the family guy, we wish he could have shown his love for his family in a different way.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea as such. The only problem lies in the artist Bibby chose to get the job done. Apparently, the artist was a novice and ended up creating the best resemblances to Bibby’s family members he could possibly can. Sadly, that was not enough and Bibby ended up with a bunch of odd looking faces on his back, none of which resemble his family members even remotely.


SWISH Tattoo: J.R. Smiths

If you want to get your body tattooed, choose a part of your body that is visible to others. Certain areas of the body would hide the tattoo unless you take extra efforts to show it out, like Smith does whenever he wants someone to spot the tattoo on his neck.

In addition to the awkward position which forces Smith to crane his neck upwards whenever he wants someone to spot the ‘SWISH’ on his neck, the dull colors of the tattoo do little to highlight its design. Worse, the rest of Smith’s neck looks like a scribbling pad, with his goatee looking like a part of the haphazard design.

‘No Words to Explain’ Tattoo: Reggie Miller

A little word of advice to Reggie Miller! The next time you decide to get inked, choose a professional artist. And please avoid certain places of the body which would make us cringe at the very thought of even trying to spot your tattoo.

So what’s wrong with this tattoo on Miller’s abdomen? For starters, it’s oddly placed and would never come out into the light unless Miller takes his shirt off. And then, there’s the design which is truly cringe worthy.

Definitely NOT done by a pro, the design looks more like a hair growth that suddenly sprouted around Miller’s navel. Worse yet, it looks like some kind of fungal infection at certain angles and would definitely have people turning their heads away in disgust if they happen to see Miller prancing about without a shirt.

Grateful Dead Tattoo: Luke Walton

There’s nothing even remotely grateful about this tattoo which Walton sports on his right arm. Looking like some haphazard stick figurines marching around aimlessly, the tattoo is extremely amateurish and does nothing to justify the significance of the phrase ‘Grateful Dead’. Wonder what Walton was thinking when he went for this one?

Sacramento Kings v Miami Heat

Full Body Tattoo: Chris Andersen

We can understand if you are obsessed with tattoos. But Chris Andersen has taken this obsession to a whole new level by having his entire body (at least the parts that are exposed) inked with god knows how many designs and colors. The only saving grace of this design happens to be Andersen’s face which has been mercifully left out of this horrendous massacre.

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