The Significance of Flag Tattoos

Posted by Admin in Tattoo Blog on 05 30th, 2013

The Significance of Flag Tattoos

As the saying goes, ‘The picture says it all’. A good tattoo design could speak volumes about your persona. And if you are the highly patriotic type, what better way to show your love for your country than a flag tattoo on your arm or chest?

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The Significance of Flag Tattoos

Posted by Admin in Tattoo Blog on 05 30th, 2013

The Significance of Flag Tattoos

As the saying goes, ‘The picture says it all’. A good tattoo design could speak volumes about your persona. And if you are the highly patriotic type, what better way to show your love for your country than a flag tattoo on your arm or chest?

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Celebrity tattooing of the world

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Celebrity tattooing of the world

Each of us will do mistakes now and then in our life. But, sometimes those mistakes might create a permanent remark on you. For example consider the celebrity tattoos. Let us consider tattoos for example. Most of the celebrities are tattooing their spouse name on their body. But isn’t this awful and narcissistic! Have a look on the some celebrities who had tattoos on their body.

Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp had a tattoo on his body called Winona forever. He had got this tattoo for his girl friend Winona Ryder. He had got this tattoo in the year 1990, but soon this pair had break up. Finally, Johnny Depp had changed his tattoo into Wino forever. Thus, it is always suggested to the lovers to not tattoo their lover’s name.


Tom Arnold: Tom Arnold career wouldn’t have been so great without his wife Roseanne. But, unfortunately this pair had a break up in the year 1994.

images (4)

Mike Tyson:Even mike Tyson had a tattoo on his body. He had Che Guevara tattoo on his chest.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie: We all knew about the beautiful actress Angelina Jolie. She had a tattoo called Billy Bob. But, she removed it now in order to look much professional.

Amy Winehouse: Amy Winehouse had dedicated the tattoo to her husband Fielder Blake.

Nicole Richie: Though this celebrity had 2 sex partners, still he had a tattoo ‘virgin’ on her body. According to her the virgin implies birth.


Stephen Baldwin: Baldwin is seriously trying to nab an acting job. Miley Cyrus had become her friend in between. Baldwin had a tattoo called ‘HM’ on his body and showed it to Cyrus. This had helped him in acquiring a job in her show.

These are the various celebrities who had a tattoo on their body. However, here is a small suggestion for those who are planning to have the tattoo of either girl friends or boyfriend’s name. It is always better to stay away from tattooing your girlfriend or boy friend name. As we don’t know how our future would be and who would be with us lifelong it is better be away from tats. In spite of removing the tattoos from your body after break up, it is better to not tattoo on your body in the beginning itself.

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Bieber’s best: the tiger tattoo or the koi carp fish?

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Bieber’s best: the tiger tattoo or the koi carp fish?


Justin Bieber needs no formal introduction as he is one of the popular singers across the world today. He has gained a lot of fame and that too at a very young age. Justin just like many other celebrities likes to get inked and that too a lot. The singer has not one or two but a total of thirteen tattoos on his body. This shows his love for tattoos is also quite a lot and every tattoo has a special significance for the singer. We will talk about two of his latest additions which are a tiger tattoo and a koi carp fish tattoo.

Both the tattoos made it to the headlines and which one of them do you think is the better? The answer to that could take a while as both of them are good and have different reasons to be present on the Bieber’s body. The fish tattoo came before the tiger one and it was meant for good luck but there is no such thing associated with the tiger tattoo as it just one more to the list. Justin Bieber has been in the news lately and not for very good reasons and he seemed to have put all his tensions behind when he decided to get the koi carp fish tattoo on his arm.

Lady Gaga also has this fish tattoo as it is considered to bring good luck and fortune along with it. All the tattoo artists confirm that one that gets this tattoo inked on their body get entitled to good luck in their lives and this tattoo also depicts courage. Justin may have wanted to tell the world that he has the courage to face the problems that come in his life. The tiger tattoo on the other hand is good to look at but it just appears like Justin is trying to build a zoo on the body!


We hope that it is not the case and he has some good reason for getting a tiger inked on his arm. There is also news that Justin is back with his girlfriend Selena. All the tattoos he has been getting lately definitely say one thing about him that he really likes animals. With the speed at which Justin Bieber is getting inked it seems that he will be inked from head to toe within a few years!

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Are tattooed celebs bad role models?

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Are tattooed celebs bad role models?


A celebrity can influence many people and particularly the young population worships them. Their way of living and dressing is what intrigues most of the youngsters and they want to follow it the same way. Tattoos are one of the growing trends across the world and the famous people like celebrities are very fond of getting inked. You read and watch them getting a new tattoo every other day due to many reasons. Just like their new hairstyle becomes a trend as soon as it is on the news, their tattoos too influence many young people to do the same thing. Do you think it is right to follow the tattooed celebs?

Katie Hopkins thinks that it is a bad idea that celebrities flaunt their new tattoos every other day as they are setting bad examples before the young generation of today. Katie happens to be a businesswoman by profession and she recently spoke her mind about the topic. Katie said that the young people today are all set to compete with their favorite celebrities in any way they can. Almost fifty percent of the youngsters want to be celebrities when they grow up as shared by Katie Hopkins.

The one way which appeals to youngsters to become more like the celebrity they follow is to do everything the celebrity does even if it is getting a new tattoo everyday. This was the view of Katie Hopkins and now it is time to talk about what Katie Waissel has to say on the subject. Katie is a former participant of X factor and also a fan of tattoos which made her disagree to the argument presented by Katie Hopkins. She said that people get tattoos because they want them and not because they are competing with a celebrity.

It is a matter of personal choice as per Katie Waissel. She also added that she totally understands and respects the fact that there are certain people who do not like the concept of getting inked. Katie said that she has many tattoos on her body and each one has a special significance for her. Katie Hopkins also added that tattoos might hamper the growth of a person in the professional world and also said that she would not employ a person who has tattoos. Tattoos might send wrong messages to her customers said Katie Hopkins.

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What makes Dragon Fly tattoos so popular

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What makes Dragon Fly tattoos so popular


Ever since their inception in the late 90s’, dragon fly tattoos have become a rage with people who love to get their bodies inked. As subtle and yet pretty alternatives to the classic butterfly design tattoo, dragon fly tattoos come in a variety of creative designs and colors. Added to this is the various beautiful (and positive) meanings that they portray to everyone around them.

So if you are considering about getting a dragon fly tattoo in the near future, here are some pointers that would help reinforce your decision.

Experimental Colors and Designs

There is no dearth to one’s creativity when opting for a dragon fly tattoo. In sharp contrast to certain tattoos that would need to follow basic designs or those that look good only if done with select colors, dragon fly tattoos can come in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes and colors.

A dragon fly tattoo enjoys attention even if it a simple black carving or an elaborate design with a plethora of colors. You can splash any number of colors you want into your tattoo and still end up with an aesthetic masterpiece!

Deep Connection with the Fantasy World

Dragon flies have long been associated with creatures of the fantasy realm, including fairies, pixies, dragons and wizards. Look at the cartoon images of pixies and fairies and you would notice all of them sporting wings similar to that of a dragon fly’s. So what better way to show your fascination for the other world than by getting a beautiful and vivid dragon fly tattoo on your body?


Symbol of Change

Dragon flies go through a long and painful life cycle process before seeing the world. From an egg laid in winter (called the nymph) to the adult fly that emerges out of the nymph almost three years later, the dragon fly goes through a sea of changes before it greets the world with its colorful beauty. And that is why people looking for a change or hoping to go through a change opt for dragon fly tattoos on a regular basis.

Symbol of Freedom

In sharp contrast to butterflies that fly erratically, dragonflies enjoy more maneuverability and can easily fly forwards and backwards in addition to hovering at a single point for long periods. This maneuverability enables the dragonfly to be free to choose its path and destination as and when it wants to. And it is this freedom that prompts certain individuals to get dragon fly tattoos.

Symbol of Hope

Did you know that dragon flies existed even in the age of the dinosaurs? Although they are much smaller now, they still exhibit the qualities of strength and endurance in tough times (they actually outlived the dinosaurs). An individual who has been through tough times and has come out victorious (or hoping too) can get a dragon tattoo to express the same creatively.

Other Meaningful Symbols

Dragon fly tattoos are also considered as symbols of wisdom, spiritual awakenings, divine understandings, guidance, luck, success, peace, purity, fertility and innocence. Individuals wishing to express these qualities can do so with the help of dragon fly tattoos.

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Dental Art Tooth Tattoo is the latest style mantra

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Dental Art Tooth Tattoo is the latest style mantra


There is a new fad in town that is steadily gaining prominence. We are surely familiar with tattoos. People all over the world are getting tattoos on their body. But tattoos on the skin were not enough, so some people decided to get innovative and start a new trend. Dental tattoos were brought into fashion by proper party creatures who got influenced by hip-hop artists and rappers flaunting their trendy artwork. These tattoos can be permanent or temporary in nature and medical experts say that they are a safe practice, with a few possible side effects of course.

If done correctly, they are much easier and safer than body tattoos. Nevertheless, do not forget to consult your dentist before going for a tooth tattoo. Your dentist may even help you in zeroing on the right dental lab and tooth artist for your benefit. It’s better to take his advice and choose an experienced technician in the field of tooth art.

Once you have the name and location of the artist, head right there and ask to see some samples of his previous work or get some testimonial from satisfied customers. Shop around for prices and varieties if you wish, just make sure they are legal and have experience in their field. Then you can move on to choosing the right kind of design or artwork for your tooth.

Think about the actual art, is it an image, a number, writing, symbol or a word. Decide the size and mention if you want to cover the whole tooth or just a part.


Now, if you have finally selected the design for your dental art after much debate and deliberation, think about its location on the tooth. Front, back, side or on more than one tooth. It is best to choose a simple design as the size will anyways be small and an elaborate or complicated pattern will be too intricate to be easily recognizable.

The deal is still only halfway through. Go back to your dentists’ office with the chosen artwork where your tooth will be photographed and it will be sent back to the dental lab with all the essentials.

Once your crown is ready, visit your dentist again. He will clean and prepare the tooth for the artwork. When the dental artwork is properly cemented you are ready to dazzle everyone with your shiny smile.

Do remember that you can opt for a temporary dental art if you are not completely sure that you want it there forever; because like many fads, this might be just a passing trend. But judging by its growing popularity, one can safely assume that tooth tattoos will be around for a long time indeed.

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Comic Con Pony Tatoo

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Comic Con Pony Tatoo

Comic Con Pony Tatoo – DSC04287.jpg

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All you need to know about Frog tattoos

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All you need to know about Frog tattoos


People have taken a great liking to permanently mark their bodies with different types of tattoos. Getting inked and carving designs and images on the skin is gaining popularity all over the world. And when it comes to getting tattooed, age seems to be no bar. Many tattoo designs are available but some are more popular than others. And one such example is a Frog tattoo.

Meaning: The meaning and significance along with the size, shape, color, design, etc varies according to the culture and region. But some obvious and easily decipherable meanings would be: Luck, purity, birth or resurrection, transformation or change, peace or tranquility, fertility and opportunity.

In ancient times, the frog and other amphibians were symbolic of Satan. They were linked to paganism, witchcraft and devil worship. In some other cultures they were believed to be in possession of magical and healing powers. In Asia, frogs are a sign for luck and safe travel due to their natural association with water.

If you are enamored by the idea of having a design with a frog element as your tattoo, you will find yourself being spoilt for choice. They come with a multitude of shapes, sizes and attitudes. Some are heavenly and calm while others are devil-eyed and feisty. There is no dearth of options for the frog-lovers. The designs that have marked their presence are as described below:

 Frog Tattoos with ethnic overtones

Many ethnicity and tribal groups around the world have a distinct connection with elements of nature. And there are designs that showcase these connections through the use of images and colors. There are also spiritual overtones in such designs symbolizing change, transformation and love for Mother Nature.


Frog Tattoos with messages of love and peace

The believers of peace sport these tattoos to cement their connection with the revolution that took place in the mid-twentieth century. They choose to be engraved with frog tattoos to promote their stand and propagate the message of love, brotherhood and contentment.

 Frog Tattoos depicting Celtic traditions

Frogs were symbols that stood for the purifying nature of water and its healing properties. There are tales that depict frog as an important character and ascribe him with talents of restoration and physical transformation. These tales have inspired scores of modern stories and eventually lead to the popularity of frog tattoos.

It is generally observed that people choose frog tattoos to adorn their feet-area, where it looks adorable but also increases the chances of pain due to the lack of fat padding in those parts. Some people opt for cartoon frog tattoos, which is not surprising since frogs are repeatedly depicted in cartoon movies and children’s tales. Remember ‘Kermit the frog’ or ‘the frog Prince’. Little kids are huge fans of these stories and this could be one of the reasons for their everlasting appeal.

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11 Extreme Body Modifications you won’t believe

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11 Extreme Body Modifications you won’t believe


There is no guessing the lengths to which some people would go to alter their physical appearance. It is not a new-age phenomenon; it has been going on for thousands of years, though things have taken a slightly bizarre turn in modern times. Let’s have a look at 11 kinds of body-modifications and observe the extreme nature of people who do them.

Plastic Surgery

Trying to match up to society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, people opt for plastic surgery and alter different parts of their body.

Long necks

Women in Padung culture resort to wearing a number of brass rings to elongate their necks because they believe it makes them desirable.

Bigger lower-lips

Men in Mursi, Chai and Tirma tribes like their women to have stretched lower lips. So, as the girls hits puberty, they wear plates in order to stretch their lower lip during a rite of passage believing it makes them attractive.

Smaller feet

If you were to see a foot that was four-inches in length, your reaction would be one of shock or even disgust. In ancient China, during the reign of Song dynasty, the court dancers bound their feet to make them small and delicate. This practise led to the binding of little girls’ feet by Chinese parents who wanted their daughters to be attractive and marriageable.



In this case, the name itself suggests the nature of modification and the reality is as scary as it is scarred. Techniques such as cutting and branding are used to give the affected portion a raised, scarred look. It has been done in ancient cultures as a rite of passage or spiritual gains but presently the reasons are artistic and emotional.

Corset Piercing

This pattern consists of two rows of piercing down your back and a ribbon is threaded through those tiny metal units. It resembles the corset ties and gives out an attractive vibe.

Magnetic personality

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? A piece of magnet is implanted under your skin tissue, say your fingertips, which makes your touch magnetic.


Split Tongue

Do snakes inspire you? If your idea of fun is creeping people out or scaring little children, you can go for the split tongue modification. It can be done through a process known as bifurcation, where your tongue is cut down the middle and then stitched up and left to heal.

Micro-dermal Implants

The idea is to stick hooks under your skin to flaunt studs, jewellery, etc.


If you are a fan of the fantasy movie series Star Trek, you will understand the fascination with spiked ears. The procedure involves cutting the upper part of your ear and sewing it then keeping it bandaged until it heals. The result is pointy ears.


Burning is a very painful process, wherein an individual inflicts burn wounds on his skin in the hope that the burned skin will make an appealing and unique pattern. Cigarettes are mostly the weapon of choice and the results are often ugly and nauseating.


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