7 Greatest body painting festivals in the world

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7 Greatest body painting festivals in the world

Greatest body painting festivals in the world

Body painting festivals occur every year throughout the world and all body painting artists, from amateurs to professionals gather here. The art of body painting can transform a human being into an exclusive work of art. It creates a more appealing presentation and adds meaning and significance to an important event. Body paintings are usually seen at football matches, rave parties and some festivals. The World Body Painting festival in Austria is the biggest art event held till now in the body painting category. There are tens of thousands of visitors who come to see and admire the brilliant work of participants. There are a wide variety of body painting festivals today. Well, here are worldâ??s seven greatest body painting festivals.

The world council of painting festival

World council of body painting festival

The world council of painting festival takes place at Seeboden in Austria and is a three â?? day festival. It includes some surprising body paintings that you will never be able to see again. It also includes other entertainment like live dance and music, a giant firework show and a number of other contests. The dance includes some body painted dancers which will be a great entertainment to the viewers. There will also be workshops and photography and also many contests for the effects of UV rays, cost of unique effects, etc. This festival is one of the best with amazing styles and themes. Totally, it is worth a visit.

The festival of the body of Canadian painting

The festival of the body of Canadian painting

This is a magnificent body painting festival where many artists gather together. The art type is similar to the one which will be seen in the World body Painting Festival. The festival takes place every year in Columbia Nanaimo, British on September 4th and will be continued for two days. But the main events take place on September 4th. There are also many activities like full body painting competition and also a sponge, brush and airbrush body painting with Championships. The earlier visitors have reported that the paintings were very lively and also amazing and the festival was worth a visit.

The international festival of body painting

The international festival of body painting

This festival takes place in Mainz, the city which has history for over more than two thousand years. Mainz in Germany had this festival situated on the river Rhine which is known to be having strong Celtic roots is founded by the Romans in about 13th century B.C. Now, you can imagine how long the history of body painting trades here if you knew the fact that the people of Celtic tradition used to paint their body before entering a battle. With such a long history about body painting, this place is an excellent spot for the festival. There are also many contests for face painting and special effects. It will usually be held in weekends as many people would be able to go to the festival.

Wales International Body Painting Festival

Wales International Body Painting Festival

The festival is a little younger, as it was established a bit less than the other three. But still, there are many magnificent works of art which will be displayed and thatâ??s more than enough for a beginner. This makes an excellent event for a family trip as the festival is fun; including amazing works of art and family participation is also encouraged. The festival takes place for a period of two days in Wales. Though the artistic range is small, it is quite impressive. There are also many events for young participants with an atmosphere which is suitable for all ages.

The UK Council Painting Festival

The UK Council Painting Festival

This festival takes place in United Ashford and continues for a period of two days like the other four. It includes the funniest body paintings you could ever find. It is not only about body painting but it is more like a country fair making it a perfect place for outing. The events include face painting, body painting competitions for both amateurs and professionals, craft fair, fun activities for kids and there are also some workshops. This festival was announced as an event for family trips and even the painting cost was low.

The U.S Body Painting Festival

The U.S Body Painting Festival

The U.S Body Painting Festival, also known as Painting Festival of New Mexico, takes place in Alberquerque in New Mexico for a period of three days. The festival displays some of the worldâ??s unusual body painting designs which are quite impressive. All Americans have free entry to this festival. The body paintings are done in such a way that it makes the model look like he/she was flying in the wind. This is not an event for family outing as children under 18 years are not allowed. Like the other festivals, this one also includes many contests and workshops. To conclude, it is an excellent mixture of many impressive artworks.

Stockholm body painting festival

Stockholm body painting festival

You will be excited to find something unusual that you had never seen before. The festival will be organized jointly by the manager of the Make Up Institute and The world body painting association in Stockholm. The main concept of the festival is Human and Nature in Frame. Many body painting professionals across the world come to participate in this event. The body paintings are just fascinating and the festival is worth a visit.

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10 worst photo tattoos ever

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10 worst photo tattoos ever

10 Worst photo tattoos

When it comes to show off your true self, tattoos are considered one of the best conventional methods of art and self-expression. The latest fad in tattoo arena swirls around inking photos onto your skin. Not only are they a perfect way to symbolize your eternal affection towards your love ones, but they also strengthen your relationship with them. No matter how good or ugly they look, however, they stay with you for the rest of your life. In case you are planning to embrace someone’s image closely to your skin and permanently etching a photo tattoo, then we would recommend you to think twice before undergoing the needle, for results could become a little disastrous. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at this interesting collection of worst photo tattoos that will make you laugh your heart out.

1. Unappealing family tattoo

Alan''s family portrait

When it takes 20 enduring hours of painful needlework and a big sum of $2000, the least you would expect from your tattoo artist is to bestow yourself with a praiseworthy tattoo work. Unfortunately, for Alan Jenkins, he just had to walk away from the tattoo shop with life-size hideous faces of his wife Lisa and two adorable daughters. His 36 year old wife, however, left him estranged for a young 25 year fitness instructor. Poor Alan!

2. Steve-O’s own portrait

Steve-O horrible tattoo

You might call inking your face on your skin an expression of self obsession. And it goes without saying that how much MTV “Jackass” star Steve-O loves himself. But unluckily, the tattoo of his own portrait that he has etched on his back looks nothing like him. The tattoo features Steve-O with his signature prankster smile and both thumbs up.

3. Fred Durst’s Kurt Cobian tattoo

Fred Durst's inspirational yet horrible tattoo

Fred Durst, the infamous band mate of Limp Bizkit, might have stormed down the tattoo shop to have his inspiration, i.e., Nirvana’s front man Kurt Cobain’s face tattooed on his chest. But his tattoo artist did him or his fans no favor by crafting Kurt’s handsome face and turning it into something not worth looking.

4. Eminem’s daughter face

10 Worst photo tattoos

Though Eminem wanted to convey his eternal love for his daughter Hailie by inking her beautiful face on to his right upper arm, the portrait of Hailie with some roses around her turned out to be extremely ugly and wretched. We don’t think Hailie looks like this tattoo from any angle. What do you think?

5. Edward’s scary faced tattoo

Edward cullen's horrible tattoo

Edward Cullen is known for his charming, mesmerizing face, but little did we know that this enchanting vampire could look so scary. This Californian guy has etched a horrible face tattoo of Twilight hunk Edward on his back, and it looks, well, not-so happening.

6. Artistic tattoo wretchedly done

Ruining the artisitc thought

Immature and inexperienced tattoo artists can ruin even the most artistic thought behind any tattoo. If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at this extremely hideous photo tattoo that this guy owns. His tattoo artist didn’t take much effort and time to make this sentimental tattoo a disaster. It looks like some zombie is smoking while thinking of something unappealing!

7. Weird navy portrait

Navy tattoo

Joining the bandwagon of failed attempt at photo tattoos is this an uncanny Navy portrait. Some American guy wanted to etch this handsome looking navy personnel on the upper half of his back. Even though the guy braved hours of unbearable pain to ink this tattoo, the end result didn’t turn out to be productive, as he must have envisaged.

8. Katy Perry in her most horrible avatar

Katy Perry's hideous tattoo

This native Californian guy fantasized about Katy Perry’s envious silhouette. So, he planned to ink her head-to-toe image on his right hand. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and despite suffering from all the painful needlework, this guy was left with a girl who looked nothing like Katy Perry. In fact, the girl looked utterly despicable.

9. Wrinkly baby

Wrinkly baby

Etching your beautiful daughter’s baby face is the best way to show off your affection for her. So, to flaunt off his love for his cute, new-born baby, this affectionate father thought of inking her adorable face on his right arm. Unfortunately, he turned up to the worst tattoo artist of his town, and ended up having a weird face tattoo of his beautiful kid. The tattoo version of his cute daughter looks more like his grandmother than of his young baby. All the wrinkles and horrible facial expression made her cute face look disbelievingly unusual.

10. Neytiri’s bizarre avatar

Neytiri's hideous avatar

When talking about the worst photo tattoos, mentioning this horrible avatar tattoo is a must. After all, if you are a fan of James Cameron’s Avatar, you would want to know everything about it. Well, apparently some guy flaunts a tattoo version of Neytiri, which looks bald, puffy and timid, instead of courageous. This Avatar failed tattoo made Neytiri look like a skimpy lizard with eyes looking demonic rather than inspiring.

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7 Coolest sun tattoos

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7 Coolest sun tattoos

Sun tattoos

Since sun is the only source of power that gets us going, how many of us have really thought that we say â??thank youâ?? in return too? I guess it will be a mammoth task to find a single guy who has done this at least once in a day! We are too oblivious to think how life will be minus solar energy. To be very frank, a day without the sun will be the end of all lives on earth! So, some of the thankful beings have given it a serious thought and never left the opportunity to pay homage to the mighty sun. They chose a unique way of doing this and have come up with tattoos that salute the sun. Letâ??s have a look at these praiseworthy sun tattoos.

1. Beloved in sun


This sun tattoo is really significant. He/she knows for sure that one of the indispensable things that make us survive on this planet is sun. So, the person has rightly shown this by body inking a sun contour with flower shaped flames. We assume that the person wanted to convey that sun is kind, warm and soft hearted, which is prevalent in this specialized sun shape. The name at the center of this sun tattoo gives a hint of the love life of this person too.The name â??Brendonâ?? printed at the center reveals love for his/her partner. He is perhaps the only source of existence for her. We congratulate the person’s love for her man and the sun too.

2. The global warming

global warming

This man did a yet new job by depicting the mind of sun! Letâ??s not debate on the fact if he is more imaginative and philosophical or whether he claims to understand the language of the sun, but his intentions are praiseworthy. The depleting greenery is a thing of concern for us. It seems that this has become even more intensified for this man. The cluster of trees and a vexed sun emerging from the top gives us an impression that the sun also gets angry why men cut down trees. We do not know when will the mass consciousness arise?

3. The sunny side

sunny sun

This hottie made sun her constant companion by inking a sun designed tattoo on her body. We give her cheers for acknowledging the immense benefits that sun has for all the living creatures on the earth. But, we assume that she was aware that sun on a sunny day may increase her body temperature immensely, spurring her discomfort. So, she attempted to give a breezy effect to her sun tattoo. Thus, what we see is that the flickering flames of sun resemble that of the leaves of the trees that flutter merrily in the soothing summer breeze. It seems that summers are a bit tiring for everybody at times. This is perhaps why the sun has gone for an afternoon siesta too!

4. Sun on belly

sun on belly

This lady is smarter to shade even the sun from ill effects of global warming. She chose to ink a sun design on her tummy. The flat tummy was however the best spot to create visual interest towards her sun tattoo as well as her flab-less belly. The colorful whirlpool and the delicately created flames give sun a contemporary look which the stylistas of the current generation will love to flaunt. The plus points of paying homage to sun by inking such a characteristic tattoo on the belly are manifold. While the first one is definitely being perennially thankful to solar energy, the other one is showing off the slim waist line in an intelligent manner!

5. Celestial network

celestial network

This sun tattoo is really an artistic one. This diva has paid equal homage to the sun and the moon. She probably understands that without sun we would not have survived and without moon, the calmness and romance of the night would never have existed! So, the waist line of this fashionista appears to be her mind board as well as the canvas of the tattoo artist who created this sun tattoo. Therefore, the solar sphere was segregated into two equal halves: one had the sunny day and the other has moonlit night. The network that binds each other seems to convey that both these celestial objects are integral for us.

6. Warrior sun

warrior sun

This dude gave us the picture of the Almighty sun, who had the mythological significance of being a great warrior. Thus, if you have been expecting to see another cute sun tattoo or a usual sun motif, you might be disheartened. On the contrary, what you will get to see is the replica of a fierce warriorâ??s ammunition in the form of a spearhead! The look of sun in this tattoo signifies the dormant anger in this celestial star. But, this dude never looked down at the prowess of moon too, who has an equally mythological and practical significance. So, the spearhead has two distinct sections and depict the wrath of both sun and the moon.

7. Sun in pastel backdrop

geometric sun

Sun is the source of power. The same principle seems to apply for this lady too as she voted for sun to be her constant companion. She has inked a sun designed tattoo on her upper arm to be her stable source of potential energy. But hang on, do not expect monotony from women of this generation as sun also got a makeover by resembling a few geometric shapes, which cluster together to represent the mighty flame of sun. The colorful shades in the background seem to stand for a happy weather on a bright sunny day, while the incorporation of bluish hues at the center of this abstract shaped tattoo tries to impart a softer side of the solar energy. This manner of paying gratitude to sun is a praiseworthy project for sure, since it has given the ladyâ??s arm a contemporary colorful makeover in the process!

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10 Creative body paintings

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10 Creative body paintings

opening image

If we refer body paintings as the reflection of artistic mind that create masterpieces, we are not at all wrong. These are some body paintings that will leave you dumbstruck due to their appeal, color combination and the way the artists have morphed human body into a canvas! We must give hats off to their incredible artistic skills, who employed such painstaking jobs and invested their time, patience and slices of their creative minds in the making of masterpieces that are temporary and cannot be recorded forever. We bring here ten such amazing body paintings that will certainly make you utter â??wowâ??. Take a look!

1. â??Expressionâ?? mask


We are sure you have come across the very common twin masks: one which smiles heartily and the other which has a permanent frown. Now, this body painting will definitely appear to you as another improved version of the same mask. But, wait, take a closer look and you will be awestruck when you discover that this is not a mask! Actually, it is one of the finest specimens of body painting. A pair of highly skilled hands segregated the body of a woman into two equal parts with the help of paints and brush. Two faces with two distinctly different expressions were painted thereafter! Next, with the help of photographic skills they were conglomerated into a singular frame to create a masterpiece.

2. â??Chameleonâ?? woman

window frame

You have always known that chameleons change colors. But, we are definite that human beings are practically never able to do the same. But an artistâ??s brush and highly skilled brain gave humans the ability to camouflage; it hardly matters whether that is virtual! This woman, who was the subject of this work of art, offered her body to be painted in the form of the window frame against which she was standing. The resultant is in front of your eyes.

3. Amazing showpieces

amazing art

If you are fascinated with yet new showpiece, a body painter can gift you some that move and breathe like us! In exchange, you need to pay him your patience. Jokes apart, can you hardly make out that this lion and this woman are actually creatures of virtual world? We are spellbound at the concept of proportion, symmetry and color combination of the artist, who morphed a human body into lively showpieces.

4. Fantasy freaks

Fantasy freak

You cannot deny that a major part of your childhood dreams survived in the world of your falsities. But, there are some adults to these days too, who love to live in fantasy world. The only difference is that they take a different stance. Either they become body painters or get their skins painted. Look at this dude and the gal who did a similar thing. The hunk found it best to flaunt his well developed biceps and triceps by getting his body painted like that of Superman. But the women preferred to drop off her clothes in exchange of a warrior womanâ??s armor. But mind it; all credit goes to their body painting artist, who gave wings to his childhood dreams too by such an incredible attempt.

5. Wall decal dress

wall decal

Now this is called a highly customized living space. But, everyone is not as lucky as this woman to be blessed with a body painting artist, who amalgamated her whole body with a wall. The intricacy with which the body of this lady is painted, replicating the wall decal, is nothing but a masterpiece! The extension of her skirt section up to the wall makes her â??dressâ?? very feminine and the concept of the artist calls for a standing ovation.

6. The phantom woman


When women across the world are mad about their makeup so that they look the best of all, this lady gave everyone thumbs down by getting her face painted like that of a phantom lady! But we have to admit that this womanâ??s dreams would never have reached to such a height if she did not get the right body painting artist. The body painting is certainly outstanding. But, this also true that the woman can fits and convolutions in kids if she walks about at the wee hours of the night, with her face painted like this.

7. Amazing tee


This woman certainly has an aversion to feminine shopping spree. Hence, when all the women of the world loves to remain busy with their shopping bag, running from this counter to that, this lady voted for a body painted T-shirt. The artist, who granted her wish, deserves a clap for his job. We are sure this dress is best suited for the hot summers as the lady will never feel hot during the spurring of mercury level.

8. New avatar


We have already seen an avatar in the celluloid screen lately. But this woman is not a work of hi end animation software. Her body looks just incredibly extraordinary due to the skills of a body painting artist. From the collars, to the tie, to the shoulder seam and to the cuffs, we are dam sure it will be a great challenge to conclude at the first glance that the woman is nude, with body painting artistry prevalent all over.

9. Rugby lover

rugby lady

This rugby fanâ??s idea needs applause. But we must praise the body painting artist equally too, who made her a ravishing model with a brand new dress no other celebrities have. Even you take a closer look, you will never be able to understand that the lady is totally in her own skin and what you see is the work of an artist!

10. Modern day King Kong

King Kong

Here comes the new age King Kong. But the entire credit of eeriness in this guy goes to the body painting artist for his skilled hands, sense of color combination, power of scrutiny of perspective and of course, the great deal of patience invested. From the hand painted body hair to spine chilling face, we can assume the time invested by the artist and the man to give a successful end to their artistic mission.

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10 Craziest tattoos you will ever find

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10 Craziest tattoos you will ever find

10 craziest tattoo ideas

Tattoos have often been a conventional method of self expression. Sometimes these self expressions show off a little too much and often it makes you wonder what people had in their minds when they decided to get these tattoos. Tattoos must portray something personal and important. It should be unique so that it will catch you off guard. Some tattoos are quite impressive and it really makes anyone turn around and notice you twice. Here are the craziest tattoos which you would enjoy.

10 Craziest Tattoos

1. Palate Tattoo

Palate tattoo

This is a very rare tattoo and it is hardly worn by anyone. Gnomoweb, BME user, has this type of tattoo. His is a sketchy star and probably the only palate tattoo you could ever find. The tattoo was done at Tattoo Way (Brazil) by Franco.

2. Eyeball Tattoo

Eyeball Tattoo

This is one of the weirdest tattoo you have ever seen or heard of. The first person who was brave enough to let this unconventional, untested tattoo method be tried on him was a 27 year old David Bolties. The tattoo gives your eyes a different look by changing the sclera to a blue, red color or anyother color of your choice. A Canadian, (who is known to call himself Pauly Unstoppable) got this treatment done and later said that he got about 40 injections of blue ink in his eyes to complete the tattoo. Though many people think that this is a new method, corneal tattooing has been in practice for over more than 2,000 years. It first came into being to correct defects such as corneal scarring and leucomas. It has become less frequent these days as many people use contact lens due to its effectiveness. This procedure should not be casually attempted or tried at home.

3. Tongue Tattoo

Tongue Tattoo

Though there are many types of tattoos for you to select, this tattoo is the one that gets peopleâ??s attention when you open your mouth! This art on your tongue hurts a lot and it becomes very difficult for you to speak for couple of days after the tattoo has been done on your tongue. But this will make you stand out of the crowd when you unexpectedly stick out your tongue and make your friends shriek! This tongue tattoo was invented in Los Angeles by Curtis McMurty. The first person to get this tattoo done was Egrett Emry and one of his roommates tells that Emry couldnâ??t even speak properly for a week after getting this tattoo. Emry himself, has stated that everything tastes like burnt flesh since he got this tattoo. There are currently two dozen Californians who have got this tattoo done. Researchers tell that this procedure is safe and not so harmful. Its good until you are ready to sacrifice the taste of your favorite food for the sake of this tattoo!

4. Teeth Tattoo

Teeth Tattoo

Steve Heward, a dental technician and also a tattoo artist was the inventor of this style of tattoo. Steve used to hand paint small works of art onto crowns. His company â?? Heward Dental Lab which is in Utah, US has been established for 20 years now and the technicians there are trained to be good artists. Permanent tiny tooth etchings can cost about $75.00 and for more complicated designs like Mickey Mouse, bowling balls, spiders, eagles etc, the tattoo can costs even more than $200.00. Pricey deal!

5. Fluorescent Tattoo

Fluorescent Tattoo

This tattoo is a unique one which glows under black light. Hence, it is referred to as black light ink. In case the entire tattoo is made up of UV ink (fluorescent ink), you will be able to see it only in the dark. Sometimes, the ink is used only in some parts of a big tattoo to make it sparkle. This ink is considered as the safest as it does not contain phosphors, it is not radio active, it does not lead to cancer and it does not contain EverGlow. This tattoo is the right one to trip out your friends in the dark!

6. Tattoo on Animals

Tattoo on Cats

You all must be familiar with the name Wim Delvoye, the person who has been tattooing pigs for about 20 years. A project called tattooed pigs was set up in the 21st Century in Chinaâ??s Art Farm as there are fewer strictures in this country regarding animal welfare than in other countries. Wimâ??s colleague, Danny Devos, worked for many months in the farm reorganizing and building. The tattoos come in different forms like flags which are traditional, lions and other such stuff. When the pigs die, their skin is removed and displayed on walls in different art venues.

A peculiar body enhancement experiment was first carried out on a cat named Mickey which is a Canadian Hairless breed. It was tattooed with a Tutankhamun design on its chest. The delighted female owner said that she had always wanted something new and different in her time and finally it had been done. The cat had been anaesthetized for three hours for this tattoo. Now, these tattoos are in rage as the proud owners of the animals are ready to get it on their pets.

7. Inside Lip Tattoo

Inside Lip Tattoo

This tattoo might be the one drawn on the weirdest place, i.e., the inner lip. These lip tattoos are generally found on the inside of the bottom lip, but sometimes it is seen on the inside of the upper lip as well. This tattoo is quite unique and odd and people get it done in a fairly hidden area. The tattoo is no more than a word or a phrase. The tattoo on your lips is less painful compared to the other parts of your body. You should rinse your mouth before getting this tattoo and no food should be consumed after getting this tattoo for a prescribed number of hours. Two disadvantages of this tattoo are that they fade quickly and you will have to redo it for an expensive rate. This might be the only tattoo that does not contain any art.

8. Accessories Tattoo

Accessories Tattoo

All this time you used to just buy sunglasses, but, have you ever tattooed them? Well, you really can do it. A man named Matthew had a pair of sun glasses tattooed on his face and posted his video on the net. The video features a 1 minute 30 sec clip showing a man sitting in a chair with a pair of sunglasses tattooed on his face. Some viewers have reported that the stunt was a hoax while some believe it. Although, not many gets such a thing done, but accessory tattoo is one of the craziest tattoo in our list!

9. Hair Tattoo

Hair Tattoo

Hair loss is a common problem in all men and many of them opt for hair transplants to cover the balding patch. As these hair transplants are quite expensive, there is a permanent and cheaper alternative to this as well, i.e., the hair tattoo. It pains of course, but only for a few hours. Invented by Ian Watson, these tattoo can only be done on those who are bald and if you have hair, then we are sorry to inform you that this ain’t your type! Youâ??ll have to shave or cut your hair to blend this tattoo, if only you want to eagerly have this one on your head rather than your real hair.

10. Nail tattoos

Nail tattoos

French manicures and nail decals are rapidly being replaced by nail tattoos. This involves getting the image of your choice tattooed on your nails. You can opt for just one nail or all of them to get tattooed. The tattoos on the nails, unlike those on the skin, are not permanent. It is not a costly process and is completed in a short time. This trend is quite common in teenage girls now a days. Nail tattooing does not penetrate in the skin and hence, there is no pain. Therefore, it is ideal for people who are rather nervous about the process of tattooing.

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7 Really cool suntan tattoos

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7 Really cool suntan tattoos

sun tattoo

Sun tanning is subjected to numerous debates. While the medical fraternity of the world gives it a thumbs down remarking that the harmful UV rays make the body vulnerable to skin carcinoma, the avid sun tan lovers would turn a deaf ear to all these. They find it great to smear some sunscreens on their skin and bask in the sun to become wheaty complexioned. But we have a surprise for you. These sun tan fans will compel you to think that artistic mind is capable of doing anything out of practically nothing. It seems that they offered their body to the sun to paint breathtaking designs and comments of their mind on their body. Let us check them out and get updated on the different sun tan tattoos that are in fashion these days.

1. NY


This patriotic gal did something worth to cheer for her native land. She took the help of the solar energy to imprint the words â??NYâ?? on her tummy, just above her belly button. We are amazed at this fashion of expressing love for New York and find in the most innovative way to depict loyalty to the roots in comparison to nation based facial coloring and wearing the national flag as a dress. But we are a bit confused why she chose the belly button for this! Is she all set to shed weight and live in tang tops only from now on?

2. Oriental body art

woman stencilised tattoo

We are sure every individual will have a different take on tanning. But none of you have ever thought of the artistic potentials of the sun! This Chinese lady certainly found out a Michelangelo in the Sun! So, she tanned her body in a wise manner to get her full body morphed into a brilliant design palette. While allowing her to get tanned, Yu Chiao Wang wore a stencil cut dress, bearing the design she wanted to imprint on her body. The result is quite evident and we need not explain much. You can see it and judge how successful she became in her project.

3. Tan the man

Stenciled guy

Janine Rewel is the designer, who needs hats off to for recognizing the advantages of solar energy in a different perspective than what we have thought so far. She can give a star tattoo artist run for his money too with her innovative sun tattoo! Her subject of experimentation was a hunk with a well built body, so that her canvas was sufficiently big. She made use of vinyl stickers and solarium to cover the sections of the manâ??s body where tanning was not required while the rest part was allowed to get sun kissed. The resultant was a mesmerizing full body sun tattoo even the guy will love to flaunt and thank Janine for adding spark to his well build body.

4. Monalisa man

Monalisa chest

Monsalisa is the sweetheart of many for her feminine charms and magical smile. Majority of us either love to display her framed image or posters on our walls and table tops. But this man did a thing even Monalisa will be amazed to see! He created a temporary portrait of Monalisa on his chest, with sun as his reliable confidante. He never missed out on any of the detailing of the original Monalisa portrait of world famous artist, Vincent Vang Gough. This Monalisa loverâ??s commitment towards his job is praiseworthy as he undertook all the toil to create a temporary masterpiece!

5. Upper back sun tattoo

Upper back tattoo

This woman will have a better reason to make her back lovable and seductive enough for caressing. She opted for a sun tattoo in place of a regular, colorful tattoo. We must admit that she is quite clever to incorporate a great deal of Vitamin D in the process as sun rays contain this vitamin in loads! You might not be aware, but this woman definitely knows that Vitamin D counters skin cancer. So, moderate sun tanning is helpful for us. Hence, it is evident that she followed the feedback of the medical fraternity in a wise manner! Moreover, we assume that she opted for a temporary monochromatic tattoo so that they can get another within a short span without getting into the cumbersome process of removing them or going under surgical weapons again. The butterfly with its widespread wings looks simply awesome on the fair skin of this fair sex. We are certain that it is done with essential equipments like a stencil sticker, solarium and of course, sun power.

6. Chest tattoo

chest tattoo

Hunks are obsessed with their chests. The reasons are quite logical enough, as their wide shoulders and muscular chests certainly make us drooling and give us hints of the painstaking toil they get involved in every day for building such enviable chassis. But this hunk has given a different thought about his body. Sun is his tool, which he uses to outline his manly asset! The Gothic sun tattoo on his chest looks simply awesome. We assume that stencilized stickers and solarium went into the making of this manly chest masterpiece, together with solar energy of course. He is definitely artistic and has never failed to harmonize with the design by creating sun tattoo on his arms too, which resemble the master design on his chest.

7. Chisel sharp head sun tattoo sword

full back

This hunk is definitely a He-man in real sense. He braved the sun and forced it to imprint Gothic fighterâ??s sword heads throughout his back. We are capable of looking in between the act too to get hints of the skills of the sun tattoo artist, who created an intricate stencil in order to allow partial tanning and creation of a design this guy opted for. We cannot deny the patience of this dude too, who were patient enough to sit for hours under the sun to make his dream design get a real existence and the sun tattoo artistâ??s skills come to the public. But, we are only sorry about the fact all these painstaking efforts are temporary in nature!

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10 Funniest food tattoos

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10 Funniest food tattoos

food tattoos

If you consider yourself a fun loving person, then you will love to get included in the clan of these funny dudes, who gave us a fun filled and laughter evoking side of body inking. But, it is also important to remember that these guys are either avid foodies or are on strict diet. The food tattoos on their body parts at least say so. Scroll down and read further to see if the idea of food tattoo is worthy of consideration the next time you decide on getting your body inked.

1. Breakfast platter

tattoo 1-breakfast

This bald headed dude will give us enough reasons to debate why he attempted to resemble his bald with a plate of healthy breakfast delicacy. Speculations are that either the man is on diet or he is deprived of proper food. Whatever may be the reason, letâ??s not debate on this issue and appreciate the lip smacking platter on his head. He has also made a virtual arrangement of a fork, so that you can enjoy the sumptuous breakfast. Unfortunately, we have to enjoy this yummy platter with our eyes and not our tongue!

2. Strawberry topped ice cream cone

tattoo 2 - icecream

This lady is an ardent fan of ice cream. But it might probably be her growing body weight that prevents her from enjoying this chilled sensation. But she has found a better way to dream ice cream and live icecream without getting obese. So, she has made a wise use of her deep cleavage and slightly bulged out belly to get a tattoo of a lip licking strawberry dollop, topped with generous amounts of chocolate sauce and served with a bright red strawberry. This idea itself is mouth watering for sure.

3. A slice of truffle cake

tattoo 3- cake

We bet this guy has a sweet tooth and there is nothing in this universe to satisfy his love for sweet temptations forever. Thus, his wiser alternative seems to be a truffle cake inked on his tummy! Although this slice is never going to satisfy his tummy, you can gamble his mind will be at ease thinking that he has his own slice of truffle cake as his loyal companion. But dude, if you cannot eat this cake, will it serve your purpose?

4. A bag of popcorn

tattoo 5- popcorn

You can always call this man cranky, who thought of getting a cartoon like bag filled with popcorns tattooed on his body. It cannot be denied that popcorns are the most loved pastime munchies that are moderately filling. But they will never make you too heavy or add to your body fat. We are basically bewildered whether a cartoon faced bag of popcorns has better efficiencies than an ordinary bag! We are also clueless of the intention behind such a dumb tattoo too. But one thing is for sure, this body inked man is sure to be a laughing stock among his peers!

5. Evil potato

tattoo 4- potato

Hats off to this man who could give a mere potato an evil makeover! He is certainly an avid potato lover and his health condition does not permit him to eat this favorite veggie. So, this evil potato is definitely his perennial fear factor that discourages him from eating the same. The tattoo artist needs equal praise for giving the weird diet idea of this guy such an artistic end, morphing a lifeless veggie into a creature with human-like villainous features.

6. Evil and angel hotdogs

tattoo 6- hotdogs

This is a sensible dude, who is fully conscious of the side effects of junk food. At least that is what it seems from the twin food tattoo painted on each side of his stomach. But it also gives us hints that he is an ardent fan of crunchy and creamy hot dogs too. So, while the angel winged and Halo headed hot dog stands for his â??philiaâ?? for hotdogs, the devil hotdog with a toxic green color, sharp horns and bat wings depicts his phobia for the same. Now, the question is, are the tattoos inspiring enough to encourage this guy to choose for the good side of it, overruling the bad side? The answer is unknown.

7. Chicago style hot dog

hot dog Chicago style

This guy is definitely a foodie who has in depth knowledge of some of the most watering gourmet affairs of the world. Thus, this mouth watering Chicago style hot dog inked on the hand of this guy makes it evident how much is he in love with this lip smacking savory from Chicago. The bright red chili flakes, veggies and chicken crumbs inside the twin pair of hot dog breads make your mouths water too! We should praise the artistâ??s skilled hands, which made the tattoo extremely tempting for the taste buds of everyone who sees it.

8. Pomegranate tattoo


We are already aware that pomegranates are wonder fruits, stuffed with loads of goodness. But this man did a queer and fun evoking thing. He has got a pomegranate with its sparkling red juicy seeds inked on his arms. He might be a social worker, trying to raise awareness about fruits for promoting good health. Well, we are skeptical if he succeeded in his attempt but this food tattoo is hilarious for sure.

9. Good and bad of cup cake


Have you ever thought that cup cakes could be killing for you? We guess no, if you are not a diabetic. Hence, it is certain that this woman is a diabetic and faces never ending challenges with her inclination for sweets due to her health reasons. While the delicious cupcake will certainly tempt her, the â??dangerâ?? marked species will exempt her from gorging one. This is definitely a praiseworthy alternative therapy.

10. Pizza mania


Pizza is a weakness of many of us. But we are confident that this manâ??s obsession for pizza cannot be defeated at all. He took the pain of getting a fully garnished pizza on his tummy. This glutton makes our taste buds become hyperactive too in this funny attempt of his!

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Lip art: 10 Temporary lip tattoos

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Lip art: 10 Temporary lip tattoos

lip tattoo

Make your lips speak on behalf of you without using your verbal skills. Now, you might be simply be dazed how can you do that. Try on lip tattoos. We are not talking of those permanent stuffs. These are the temporary ones that can be applied as and when you require and removed as per your convenience. Temporary lip tattoos are perhaps the superior way of staying in fashion. Check out the latest temporary lip tattoos and get your hot pick.

1. Leopard tattoo on lips

Leopard  lip tattoo

This lip tattoo might be temporary in nature but try to interpret the inner meaning it wants to convey. There are two ways of looking at it. Firstly, it is the hot pick of the hotties out there, who wish to show off the beast in them. Secondly, it makes a strong statement for the love of animals. So, select the clan you belong to and go for this leopard tattoo to depict your inner self.

2. Red glitterati


If you are in the mood of partying, why should your lips wear the typecast color palette? We have brought a glitterati lip tattoo for you that will set perfect harmony with the glitz and glam of the party. This vitamin enriched applique lasts for four to eight long hours, so that you never fade out by the end of the party. In the process the vitamin content in the tattoo will take care of your lips too.

3. Polka dot lips

Polka tattoo

If the 70s polka dots amuse you always and you find the jolly spheres the perfect replica of fun and frolic, then we have a great option for you in the form of polka dot lip tattoos. Wear them on and get instant mood uplift. These polka dots are carefully designed in neutral colors against the fairly darker feminine tones. Thus, you will never look whorish but at the same time this tattoo will tap the cajoling side of you for sure.

4. Rainbow tattoo

rainbow tattoo

Colors are always the first choice of women. Majority of the fairer sex loves to play with colors. Thus, keeping this inherent passion of womenfolk in mind this tattoo has been created. It changes even the palest of lips into the extravagant palette of vibrant shades. This vibrant lip color is the hot favorite of the avid party animals that claims to stray throughout the night. So, there is undoubtedly no looking further if you wish to set the stage on fire!

5. American Flag

American flag

If you are feeling patriotic then your lips can stand on behalf of you in depicting that to the world. This temporary lip tattoo is for those devoted hearts, who take pride in their country. So, within no time you will witness your lips getting transformed into a Union Jack! This tattoo also promises to take care of your lips in the process by helping it stay hydrated till eight hours, throughout the time you wear it on. So, next time you need to cheer for the US, get this temporary lip tattoo for you.

6. Fishnet lip tattoo

fishnet tattoo

This temporary lip tattoo is certainly the best weapon of your own expression. It speaks your mind out without the need of words! The juxtaposition of bright red base coat with blood maroon fishnet pattern on top gives your lips a glamorous makeover. You can be stress free that it will remain vibrant for eight long hours, reflecting your mind out to the world. The glossy finish of the same will take care of the glamor part of it in the process too.

7. Union Jack

Union Jack

It is again the time to cheer for your country. Wear this Union Jack on your lips and speak your heart out for your nation without any verbal tones! This vibrant Union Jack becomes your second skin, which amalgamates with your loyalty towards your nation. This lip tattoo Union Jack is tender on your lips, together with being the best weapon of your patriotism. It has vitamin coats that enrich your lips all through the time you wear it on. Its natural sunscreen factors also dispel chances of sunburns when you wear it on and cheer for your nation under the strong sun in an open stadium.

8. Love in lips


Do you wish to propose to the love of your life in the most innovative way? Get hold of this word tattoo that says how much you are in love with your beloved by the four simple â??Loveâ??. The base color is kept Valentine red so that it sets perfect unison with the theme of love and stays long. It also gives a flirtatious lift to your lips and is sure to create a deep impact on your man.

9. Red Zebra stripes


This lip tattoo is the perfect companion of the animal lovers out there, who are increasingly traumatized with the disturbance in the ecological balance and the way zebras are getting endangered in the process. Thus, this zebra lip tattoo is undoubtedly the silent protest against the growing environmental pollution. The color palette has been selected in the way the user prefers it best. Actually, along with the typical black and white shade of a zebra skin, this tattoo comes in a collection of color combinations that harmonize with the hue and tone of a theme party too. So, this is certainly the best lip makeup to make a strong statement while remaining the fashioniasta of a party too!

10. B-day girl

B-day girl

This B-day girl word lip tattoo is meant for the birthday girl, who needs to be different from all the divas, who attend her birthday party. We bet your futuristic birthday attire will never be complete unless you wear this B-day lip tattoo on your D-day. In case if you are a bit skeptical whether the color combination will match with your dress and theme of your birthday party, let us tell you, this incredible lip tattoo is available in two color combinations: red with white wordings and magenta with white wordings. So, wear it on and celebrate your birthday in the most customized manner.

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10 Craziest inner lip tattoos

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10 Craziest inner lip tattoos

lip tattoo

It seems that these people consider their body parts as their personal canvas! Thus, they do not mind at all in getting different parts of their body tattooed and showing off their love for art. They do not spare their lips too from getting tattooed! But we are doubtful if such attempts are really worth appreciating from aesthetic as well as functional point of view. Anyway, let us leave our confusion behind and go though the ridiculous lip tattoos. We bring here the ten such stuffs we find most ridiculous of all. Take a look.

1. Dinosaur in lips

Lip tattoo 1

This man showed his utmost sympathy for the already extinct dinosaurs in getting his lip inked with the sketch of one member of such giant species. We are clueless if we must appreciate this man for his kindness or for his dumb brain. In case if he knew the reason why these poor creatures got extinct, then he must have been wise enough to realize that lip cannot accommodate them in any way. The space constraint will be even challenging for these giant beings! So, we can only conclude that this is a ridiculous job.

2. Woman on lip

lip tattoo 2

We do not have any objection of men going flat for the fairer sex. Given the natural assets and beauty, these Godâ??s superb creations definitely have enough reasons for making men crazy for them. But, excuse us; getting the silhouette woman tattooed on the lip is a too ridiculous thing to handle! This man is either afraid of girls or have some physical deformities that prevent him from being intimate with girls. Whatever may be the case, but this is surely his virtual attempt to enjoy female company.

3. Penis on lip

penis lip

Third on our list is this dude, who got a penis inked on his lip! We will always give it thumbs down. Donâ??t these men get better ideas for tattoo art? This highly objectionable tattoo makes us question the sexual inclination of this guy. We have a hunch that this guy is a gay and too shy to admit that due to social stigma. But he cannot overrule his sexual inclination all together and keeps on dreaming about the male genitalia. Hence, his tattooed lip acts as his dildo for reasons obvious enough.

4. Hello Kittie lip

Lip tattoo 4

Hello Kittie has fans all over the world, especially among girls. But we are definite that there are other ways of reflecting that other than inking a Hello Kittie face on the lip. Either this girl is totally crazy or too impractical to realize that nobody is going to pull down her lip and see the cute face of Hello Kittie on her lip! We will simply denote it as a ridiculous attempt.

5. Sore lips

lip tattoo 6

Sore lips are common problems that are quite painful for us. But, is tattooing the lip a less painful affair? We are simply clueless. The letters â??Sore Lipsâ? on lips instead of any sound motif can also indicate that this guy is a perpetual patient of sore lips and has lost all faith in medical science in healing his condition. Therefore, tattoo seems to the best alternative for him! Inking something like this is simply ridiculous and it is even dumbest to infringe pain on the lip with such a thing.

6. Green flower on lip

lip tattoo 5

This guy considers himself quite fashionable in setting the perfect harmony with his overall attire. Look, he wears a green T-short and sets unison with it by means of this green floral lip tattoo. But is tattooing your lip the only way you need to be regarded as a metro sexual? We are really doubtful. The artistâ??s skillful hand cannot be ignored at all, who did loyalty to his job by creating an intricate green flower on such a delicate skin. But, who will see this master piece?

7. Glee on lip


Lips are meant for smiling. But, we could not understand why this girl tattooed â??Gleeâ?? on her lip. Is she an epitome of constant melancholia and needs a catalyst that will make her smile and remain always happy? We do not know. But we expected her to be a bit wiser, as turning her lip down every time to smile is quite ridiculous. There are better options available to remain happy.

8. Eat or be eaten

lip tattoo 7

Is this man a cannibal? Perhaps, he is the best person to answer this. We are more interested in discovering why he offers his lips to be chewed up so madly that he even threatens to eat you up if you do not eat the same? Or else it might be his extreme perversion that compels him to give French kiss the wildest makeover! We only conclude that the whole idea is wacky and the man is definitely crazy.

9. Music note on lip

lip tattoo 8

Music remains as one of the most obsessive hobbies for a lot of people. But, tattooing a music note on the lip cannot be praised from any angle. We bet even the pop divas of the world will also not vote for such a tattoo concept. Is this woman a failed singer then, who chose not to break tie with music ever in her lifetime? Her intention is a mystery but the dark tone of the music note tattoo against the delicate flesh of the lip is only giving an impression that it is a lip ulcer that needs immediate medical attention.

10. Zombie lip

lip tattoo 9

Till date we were in dilemma whether Zombies exist in reality or not. But this horrid tattoo on lip now makes it clear, whether Zombies exist or not but queer and dumb aliens certainly do. We are a bit skeptical whether this dude is trying to hide his identity under his â??well plannedâ?? Zombie makeover! We must confess that tattooing the lip with the word â??Zombieâ?? is giving us an impression that now we will have a gala chance to get the sight of a Zombie for real.

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Be the talk of the town through some bizarre body modifications

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Be the talk of the town through some bizarre body modifications

Body modification is the process of conscious altering of the human body for reasons not related to medical injuries. These reasons could vary from person to person to fulfill their own whims and fancies like showcasing a particular religious, to reflect association with a specific group or passion for body art and many such more reasons.

Body Modification

Body modifications could include body piercing, pearling, scrotal implants, tattooing, tongue splitting, corset piercing and more such alterations. Body modification can also be referred as artificial beautification of a body as per oneâ??s own wish. However, some extreme body alterations are seldom regarded as symptoms of mental illnesses or body dysmorphic syndrome. Read on to find out about some scary body modifications that people let their bodies sail through.

1. Eyeball Tattoo

Toronto Man

Eyeball tattooing is about injecting a pigment into the cornea of an eye. Eyeball tattooing has been in existence since the 19th century. It has been a method to correct disorders like corneal scarring and leucomas. These days it is not so common as colored contact lenses are effective in covering such defects. Corneal tattooing is generally used by medical practitioners for patients with eye injuries and not for body modification. A person from Toronto has been a man with guts to inject 40 injections of blue ink in his cornea to get an eyeball tattoo. Simply, he has changed the white of his eyes to blue.

2. Subdermal implants

Subdermal Implants

Taking a shape of an unusually shaped tumor, subdermal implants function to augment another part of the body, like the skin. It is an establishment of an object below the dermis. A glorified spatula is used to hollow out your flesh, usually made from Teflon or silicone where the implant is then placed. One can choose any shape for that bulge to appear like tumor. This body mod literally, gets under your skin! Lately, Lady Gagaâ??s red carpet arrival at the Grammy has put a spotlight on the subdermal implants. She made an egg entrance at the Grammy award to take everyone for a shock.

3. Corset piercings

Corset Piercing

This body mod includes a series of surface piercings arranged up at the back in two perpendicular columns. This symmetrical piercing is a rage amongst girls and the latest trend in body modifications. With peopleâ??s interest growing in body alterations, lot of people are opting for a temporary corset piercing for that spiced look at a big event.

4. Branding


To make your toes curl, let us tell you that human branding is the most painful of all body alteration modes! It results in a permanent scar or mark, in a shape of a specific symbol. For this incredible look, an iron piece is heated to the extent that when applied to your body, which is also rated as a third degree burn, thereby damaging the nerve completely. It erases the entire dermis layer of the skin. The skin then takes years to fill the areas which have been completely destroyed in this act of body mod. And it takes about six to twelve months to completely heal a brand.

5. Body tattoo


Getting inked is one of the most common body modifications. You can opt for various looks via this body art. Body tattoos convey your mindâ??s perception and reflects your state of mind, that canâ??t be argued with. Inking has been a part of our culture since ages. Tattoo is a public statement of who and what we are. Here you can see Rick, the guy who has opted for a zombie look. He has curved into a Zombie via body tattoo. Shelling over $4,075 Canadian Dollars, he is a celebrity all over on the virtual world now! Although, people often perceive him as mentally sick when they have a glimpse of his zombie look.

6. Body suspension

Body Suspension

This method of body alteration involves hanging a human body from hooks. These hooks are generally put through body piercings. This delicate process is experienced by people to create an adrenaline rush or conquer oneâ??s fears. Fakir Musafar is known to have experimented with his own body to try various body alterations like body piercing and suspension. He has also appeared in prime time video shows like CBSâ??s People Are Talking, Dicovery Channelâ??s Beyond Bizzare and more. He has also appeared in the movie ‘Modify’.

7. Magnetic implants


Used in dentistry and reconstructive surgery, inclusion of magnetic implants in the body mod industry is a recent update. Under this technique, magnetic implants are planted under the skin to permit outside skin to sense electromagnetic fields. You could then run a show to let eye balls turn around to see how metals get stuck to your body. Ain’t that crazy?

8. Tongue bifurcation


Tongue bifurcation is the latest buzz in the body modification industry. This involves splitting the tongue into two directly down the center. Once cut into two, you can move your tongue, both sides, independently. Not many countries allow tongue bifurcation.

9. Pointy ears

Pointy ears

Once you get this body art done, it gives you an appearance of a mythological creature. Dr. Lajos, a plastic surgeon from New York, gave invention to this surgical procedure. Along with augmenting the attractiveness of the face, pointed ears also improve your experience of listening to music. You can enjoy foot tapping numbers and dance to the tune of your favorite music, after completion of this body art. Under this technique, post operative care is very crucial to avoid any complications. The final shape usually takes about three to four weeks. It involves the dissection of the upper ear lobes.

10. 3D Art Implant

3D implants

These implants came into existence in the early 90â??s. First of such implants were experiments by Enigma. Under this method an object is inserted completely beneath the layer of the skin. This creates sculptural change to the end surface. Steve Haworth has his hands behind the popularity of this body art. In general, silicone is used for such implants. Its side effects could include irritation of the skin above the implant in case of any form of mishandling during the procedure. These 3D implants can be stretched and pulled until the final size is achieved.

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